After completing a windshield assessment of the impacts of Hurricane Dorian, I can confirm that all of the homes appear to have made it through the storm without any signs of significant damage. The beach definitely took the brunt of the blow.

The storm caused severe beach erosion to the island’s coastline, especially along the southern reach where sand covers the entire length of Springs Avenue. The sand is 3 feet deep in some places. Cleanup efforts will be similar to what we did in 2016 after Hurricane Matthew, and it will likely take a few days to complete.

The north end of the island looks to be in really look shape, although a few large trees fell over and are currently blocking Myrtle Avenue between First Street and the North Causeway.

The middle of the island also appears to have faired well and most of the visible damage is on creek docks. We witnessed numerous creek docks that were twisted and turned during the storm and in clear need of repair.

The Town remains under a mandatory evacuation as ordered by the Governor, and it won’t be lifted until it’s deemed safe to do so. Tomorrow morning at 9am Town Council will hold an emergency meeting to discuss the recovery effort and when property owners and residents will be allowed to return to the island.

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