New Town Hall Facility

Project Timeline

OCT 2016 – Storm surge from Hurricane Matthew floods the Town Hall/Police Department with over 4 feet of water.

NOV 2016 – Town employees and police department move into a temporary office trailer situated in the Pavilion Park.

FEB 2017 – Town posts RFQ for design and architectural services for new Town Hall/Police Station. Deadline for replies February 15, 2017 (9 firms submitted packets)

MAR 2017 – Pawleys Island Ad Hoc Town Hall Committee Ad hoc committee meets to reduce list of architects to 3 firms for interviews.

APR 2017 – Pawleys Island Ad Hoc Town Hall Committee interviews architects and make recommendation to Town Council to select David Graham the as architect for the project.

MAY 2017 – Town Council makes decision to hire David Graham as architect for project.

JUN 2017 – Mayor & Administrator work with David Graham to determine space needs. Program presented to Town Council.

JUL 2017 – Pavilion Company donates 20ftx120ft strip of land adjacent to project site to Town to help alleviate site setback restrictions.

JUL 2017 – Town Council decides to move forward with project at the Town owned property at 323 North Causeway Road, with a not to exceed cost of $500,000.

AUG 2017 – Pawleys Island Ad Hoc Town Hall Committee meets to review preliminary design and make recommendations.

SEP 2017 – Group of Pawleys Island property owners form committee to raise donations for the construction of the new Town Hall facility.

OCT 2017 – David Graham’s preliminary price estimates come back higher than originally anticipated. Council decides to move forward with the project and a new not to exceed cost for construction set at $600,000.

OCT 2017 – Pawleys Island Ad Hoc Town Hall Committee meets to review final architectural details and specifications. Make recommendation to Town Council to move ahead with bidding the project. Send Invitation to Bid (ITB) to a list of local approved licensed general contractors to be determined by architect and town administrator.

NOV 2017 – Town sends Invitation to Bid (ITB) to 10 local licensed general contractors approved by David Graham and Administrator Ryan Fabbri.

List of 10 general contractors invited to bid the project:

  1. BEC Construction
  2. Bill Singleton Construction
  3. Chapman Construction
  4. Coastal Structures
  5. David Lane Construction
  6. Harrington Construction
  7. Paragon Construction
  8. Pinnacle Construction
  9. SeaSpray Homes
  10. Shoullette Construction

NOV 29, 2017 – Mandatory pre-bid meeting took place for contractors interested in bidding the project. Four contractors attended the meeting and were provided plans and specifications for the new Town Hall/Police Station.

List of 4 general contractors planning to submit a bid:

  1. BEC Construction
  2. Coastal Structures
  3. Harrington Construction
  4. Pinnacle Construction

DEC 20, 2017 – The Town opened bids for construction of a new Pawleys Island Town Hall Facility. See bid tabulation here.

JAN 8, 2018 – All bids received exceeded available funds allocated for the project. Town Council decides to reject all bids, instruct Town Administrator and Architect to meet with 4 contractors individuals to find out why bids came in higher than anticipated and find ways to reduce costs.

JAN 23, 2018 – Project specifications revised and ITB 2018-01 (2017-04 REBID) is released to the 4 contractors that participated in initial bid.

FEB 8, 2018 – The Town opened re-bids for construction of a new Pawleys Island Town Hall Facility. See Re-Bid Tabulations here.

FEB 12, 2018 – Town Council passes resolution 2018-01 awarding project to BEC Construction, INC. and authorizing the Town Administrator to execute a contract for the project.

MAR 15, 2018 – Building permit issued. See permit here.

MAR 23, 2018 – Ground breaking ceremony. Construction officially began.

JAN 8, 2019 – Received Certificate of Occupancy


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