Boards, Committees & Commissions

Accommodations Tax Committee

2 Year Terms
MembersTerm Expires
Robert Reid Levine, Chairman2-10-24
Will Dieter1-09-25
Corinne Taylor12-08-24
Betsy Altman12-08-23
Mary Nash1-09-25
Eddie Wilder4-12-24
Sassy Henry2-10-24

Planning Commission

3 Year Terms

MembersTerm Expires
John Hildreth, Chairperson4-15-24
Ed Fox, Vice-Chairperson12-09-25
Mark Hawn2-18-2025
Frances Green11-21-23
Buddy Keller10-29-24
John LaMaster11-21-23
Robert Moser12-09-25

Zoning Board of Appeals

3 Year Terms

MembersTerm Expires
Harold Wyatt2-18-26
Heide Johnson12-12-23
Jerry Lieberman2-18-26
Peter Fawcett4-15-25
Byron York4-15-25

Events Committee

2 Year Terms

MembersTerm Expires
Scott Townes, Chairperson 7-13-24
Sassy Henry, Vice-Chairperson7-13-24
Velda Hughes7-13-24
Beth Ness7-13-24
Betsy Bailey2-22-24
Sally Hawn2-22-24
Anne Gildea
Kathi Cubbage2-22-24

Architectural Review Board

2 Year Staggered Terms
MembersTerm Expires
Ken Leach, Chairman6-14-25
John Felton6-14-24
Green Deschamps6-14-24
Frank Robinson6-14-24
Linda Keller6-14-25
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