Sand Fencing

WORK:  Sand Fencing as of January 1, 2017

WHERE: At the top of the sand dunes landward from the beach

SCOPE: In an effort to provide beachfront Property Owners with passive, low-cost stabilization methods, the Town of Pawleys Island has received a permit from the State to allow for placement, maintenance and repair and replacement of sand fences under the State Regulations. These methods should be viewed as enhancements and stabilization techniques. Since a broad beach with healthy sand dunes provide the best storm buffer, these methods will aid in the natural beach process. Sand dunes are defined as natural or manmade accumulations of sand in ridges or mounds landward of the beach.


  1. The fence material must be biodegradable.
  1. The fences are installed in the configurations allowed according to drawings that can be obtained at Town Hall. As of May 7, 2016 the Town requires that the highest post of each section of sand fence must be within two feet of the crest of the dune. The sand fence may be located partially beyond the crest of the dune. No part of the sand fence may be on the flat active beach.
  1. The fences are to be installed in a manner so as not to impede turtle nesting. Should the fences be found to impact nesting activities, or have the potential to do so, the sand fences must be adjusted or entirely removed by the owner. Fence sections must be at least 5 feet apart to allow for turtle nesting.
  1. The fence is installed and intended to be temporary. If it works, a dune will be established and the fencing will be covered by the dune. If it does not work, or the fence is degraded as to be unworkable, the fencing must be removed.
  1. Fence posts should be no more substantial than what is required to provide minimal, temporary support for the fencing itself.
  1. Double rows of sand fencing are not allowed. If there are no existing dunes sand fence may not be installed
  1. Sand fence may not be installed on the flat active beach; it must be above the highest reach of the waves.
  1. The fencing shall not impede public access.
  1. If fence material is damaged, debris shall be removed expeditiously from the beach area by the owner.
  1. If DHEC/OCRM determines that the fence has a detrimental impact to the beach/dune system, it shall be removed by the owner as directed by the Department.

The Town has suspended the cost share program for the installation of sand fencing.

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