Beach Access & Parking

Pawleys Island has the largest free public beach access lot in Georgetown County, located on the south end of the island. In addition, there are 8 other public beach access points on the island which offer visitors the use of approximately 141 combined parking spaces, including handicap parking. The Town also allows “street” parking in designated areas additional public parking spaces located within 500 feet of a public beach access. All public access points have trash receptacles, dog waste collection bags and signs providing beach rules and regulations.

There is a limited amount of parking on the island so please plan your trip accordingly. Parking regulations are strictly enforced. Here is a list of public parking and beach accesses:

  • Georgetown County Lot located at the south end of Springs Avenue.
  • First Street Beach Access
  • Davis Drive Beach Access
  • Second Street Beach Access
  • Pearce Street Beach Access
  • Third Street Beach Access
  • Shell Road Beach Access
  • Hazard Street Beach Access
  • Pritchard Street Beach Access

No Parking In Public Beach Accesses Between 11PM & 6 AM

In addition to these parking locations, you may park your vehicle along the side of the road within five (5) feet of the edge of the pavement unless otherwise posted or restricted. NO VEHICLES MAY PARK ON THE PAVEMENT IN THE RIGHT OF WAY.

TENTS & CHAIRS – Please remove your tents, tent frames & beach chairs when you leave the beach for the day to deter vandalism. We also ask that you fill in large holes in the Sand. These items impeded the nesting process of sea turtles.

SURFING – Surfing is not restricted to a particular section except within 100 yards of the pier under SC Code 50-21-180. Surfing is also prohibited by law between sunset and sunrise(50-21-820). Surfers are also prohibited by law to engage in conduct that endangers others (50-21-840a)

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