Town of Pawleys Island

Hurricane Isaias Debris Pick-up

Georgetown County and SCDOT will be assisting the Town with storm debris pick-up on Wednesday, August 12th. Residents that wish to participate are asked to please have all debris set out in piles at the edge of the pavement by or before the scheduled pick-up date.

Residents are required to place debris in separate piles that consist of either vegetative debris or construction and demolition debris. Please place debris piles as close to the edge of the existing asphalt as possible.

  • Vegetative debris (consists of marsh grass, tree parts, limbs, branches, etc)
  • Construction and Demolition debris (consist of siding, boards, wallboard, etc)

Please consider and adhere to the following guidelines:

  • This pick-up is for storm generated debris only.
  • Do not place any debris on the actual street pavement.
  • Residents should not stack marsh grass debris on driveways or other hardened vehicular driving surfaces.
  • Residents shall not stack marsh grass debris within roadside ditches
  • Residents shall not stack marsh grass debris over utilities including but not limited to telephone pedestals, valves, meters, manholes, storm drains, etc.
  • Neither the County nor SCDOT shall be responsible for damage to utilities or private property stemming from poorly piled debris of significant volume as to obscure these entities which could lead to heavy equipment damage.
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