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  1. eBay order number 16-10359-98526
    Shipped to:
    Dustin Thompson
    PAWLEYS ISLAND, SC 29585-8538

    This listing can be found here:

    8 units were purchased for $135.34 on August 2 2023, shipped from NJ, and returned on August 13 2023.

    This buyer is conducting fraud. The buyer returned a destroyed item. 8 NEW keyboards were sent and 8 broken and destroyed keyboards were substituted in the package and returned. 8 used cases were sent, and 4 destroyed cases were substituted and returned. This constitutes cyber fraud, and because it is over state lines it also constitutes interstate commerce and wire fraud.
    I am asking the Pawleys Island PD to investigate and recover my property from the premises. I have also reported this to eBay.

    I am happy to send photos of the destroyed items that were returned. My information is below:
    Andrew Tsai
    98 Canterbury Rd
    Chatham, NJ

    1. Town of Pawleys Island


      That property is outside of the Town of Pawleys Island Jurisdiction. I’d suggest contacting the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Department, at (843)546-5102 (non-emergency). However they may direct you to contact Ebay, if you have not already.

      Please contact us at (843) 237-1698

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