Message from Mayor Braswell:

Our island was completely shut down last night at around eight pm. National guard MP’s arrived at night fall. They along with our police are stationed at each causeway and will remain until the evacuation order is lifted. We had 3 people that refused to evacuate (crazy). Ryan, Mike, and I just left the latest EOC meeting. As of now, the storm track has improved for us, but it still is going to be a horrible storm that will stay in the area for an extended time. The small amount good news is that we are on the “right” side of the storm. The state, county, and FEMA all have resources in place to begin recovery. Ryan has already contacted the different contractors to help us start getting our island back. As soon as the island is safe, we will begin allowing homeowners back to the island. We are trying to get as much info out as soon as new info becomes available. Any questions, please email me or call me. Everyone, please stay safe!


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