PAWLEYS ISLAND – The Town of Pawleys Island is under a mandatory evacuation and today local law enforcement will begin visiting homes instructing people to leave. ON ISLAND TRAFFIC WILL BE CUTOFF LATER TODAY AND NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE ISLAND AFTER 8:00 PM ON WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2018.


It is likely that power on the island will be lost some time Wednesday evening into Thursday. Depending on the severity of the storm, power will not be restored for an extended timeframe. Residents are encouraged to turn off gas valves and the main electrical breaker to their homes prior to evacuation. Residents should also turn off water valves to their creek docks. Water supply to the Town will be disconnected following the mandatory evacuation.


Emergency responders will discontinue calls for service when sustained winds are 45 mph or greater. Please take precautions to secure all outdoor items and any other emergency measures to protect life and property.


Further hurricane preparation information may be found on the Town of Pawleys Island website.

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