Hurricane Dorian caused damage to a lot of the creek docks located within the town and I want to make sure everyone knows what’s required before making repairs. The State of South Carolina has regulatory jurisdiction over development activity in the creek, and as of now OCRM has not designated an Emergency General Permit for this storm like they did after Hurricane Matthew. Matthew was a statewide event and based on the limited impacts Dorian had on the entire South Carolina coast, it’s currently unclear whether OCRM will issue one for this storm.

Property owners who have experienced minor damage to their structures should submit a Maintenance and Repair request to the local OCRM office in order to make repairs of less than 50% to a generally intact and functional structure. For structures that have been completely destroyed, you will likely need to submit an individual Critical Area Permit application to rebuild your structure. All sites are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Either way, any activities within the tidal critical area will need to be reviewed by OCRM.

I’ll notify everyone if OCRM decides to issue an Emergency General Permit, but I strongly recommend property owners contact OCRM before beginning any construction activities. The phone number for the Myrtle Beach office is (843) 238-4528.


Best Regards,

Ryan Fabbri

Town Administrator

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