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Monthly Archives: October 2016

October 28th – Post Hurricane Update

We want to update you on our efforts to repair our dune system protection. In addition we all have extensive debris removal concerns on the roadsides, as well as on the beach. The Hurricane Emergency Process was: Noon Thursday October 6, Governors Evacuation Notice Thursday noon until Friday evening October 7, Friday 7AM Pawleys Police [...]

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October 20th – Post Hurricane Update

As of this afternoon it looks like we are past the “emergency phase” of our hurricane recovery. The over washes have been stopped by our contractors night and day efforts to build enough dune in the low areas of Springs street for us to feel comfortable we will not have a total breach, and probably [...]

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October 17th – Post Hurricane Update

Mathew totally over washed the south third of the island, moving 2 to 4 feet of sand to the road making it impassable. It also caused 3 to 4 feet of water over the roads and under any houses close to the creek, flooding anything under those houses. Town Hall was flooded and is unusable. [...]

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All of Georgetown County is currently under a night curfew, and our zone is still under the evacuation order. Reentry to the island is CURRENTLY PROHIBITED and the National Guard and the Police Department have secured the Causeway bridges. First responders will move onto the island Sunday, when travel is considered safer, to assess conditions. [...]

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Bridge Closings

Life threatening storm surge is expected here. Please take this storm seriously and move inland if you're in Evacuation Zone A. North and South Causeway bridges will close at 5:00 pm.

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Emergency Orders

Emergency Orders are available for property owners along the immediate beachfront for temporary protection from wave uprush. In advance of Hurricane Matthew's approach, property owners in need of Emergency Orders for sandbags and /or sand scraping should immediately contact their governing municipality or DHEC-OCRM for assistance.

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